Crab Claws Is Where We Rant Against Online Business News

The Crab Claws area is all about things I dont like and want to rant about. But hey I am not here to just complain I want to help to. So we dont just whine about it, we give you a solution.

If you have anything you dont like in the online business world, then please leave a comment in the discussion section below and lets discuss it.

Why is Google Panda 4.0 so hard to write SEO for. Well I dont like that. So maybe someone should write an article about that.

So what if you get pummeled by the new Panda update. Is there anyway you can recover from that. Well some people think you can so read on.

 So what good is a MAP pricing policy if the manufacturer does not follow it. Oh this chaps my hide. But you can read more about it here if you want.

This is not a complain, but a way to greet one another in a less germ free manner. The CDC has stated that fist bumping is now the preferred way to greet one another without the germ transference that hand shaking once was. Well what if you wanted to hug someone?


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