Market the Online Business Reef

So we have the start of your website. WELL DONE! Now resist the temptation to just keep fiddling with it. Because right now we have to focus our time and energy in marketing your new site and getting people to visit it. Once you start marketing you need to keep marketing over and over till you are getting the results you want.


We will now be focusing on ways to market your new site and ways to get traffic to it. This is where you should spend most of your time and effort. Think of your business and all the unique ways you can market it. You would be surprised how much you know. If you need some help then read on and we will do our best to give you as many suggestions as possible.

Here are some things to get ready before you launch your website…

Before you get your site ready to launch there are a few things you can do to prepare for your marketing campaign and have it ready to go once you do decide to launch your website. These marketing tips can be done at the very beginning while you are building your website so you have it ready when you get to this step.

Or you can do it just before you launch into the marketing phase. Marketing to me is one of the harder things that a business can do because you have to keep on it. It is non relenting and always at the forefront of your business mind in order for you to remain selling your product or services.

With the coming of the social media age, it seems like you have to keep on top of your marketing each and every day and in some cases by the hour. You are always posting, tweeting, and pinning something to the digital world. So a little preparation and plan on what you want to do before you launch your site will save a ton of time later.


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