Why is your Business Modeled after a Reef?

So many people have asked us why is your website and business model taken from the idea of a coral reef? Well we love the ocean, its creatures, and quite frankly a reef is the ultimate self sustaining Eco-system that gives livelihood, protection, and sustenance to many.

So should your online business, in other words it should be the ultimate self sustaining business that grows regardless of the economy, make money all hours of the day, and bring you a great income to allow you to spend more time enjoying life.

Here are some facts regarding coral reefs and why we developed the online business reef model (OBR) around the concept.

Coral reefs are some of the most biologically rich and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth. These reefs provide food, jobs, income, and protection to billions of people worldwide.
The OBR method can teach you to build the same system of income to provide for you and those you love.

Almost all corals are colonial organisms. This means that they are composed of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of individual animals.

Our OBR method shows you how to build a system of interconnecting sites to help stabilize and grow your income in any economy.

Reefs form when polyps secrete skeletons of calcium carbonate and entire colonies can grow fast weighing several tons. With over 5000 species known, scientists estimate estimate there could be over 1.8 million species yet undiscovered.

The OBR shows you how to build a strong stable online business and keep discovering new ways to make it better.

Storehouses of immense biological wealth, reefs also provide economic and environmental services to millions of people and may provide goods and services worth $375 billion each year. This is an amazing figure for an environment that covers less than 1 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Our OBR examples show that even though you may occupy less than 1 percent of web or virtual space you can make a big monetary impact to your income.

Healthy reefs contribute to local economies through tourism. Diving tours, fishing trips, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses based near reef systems provide millions of jobs and contribute billions of dollars all over the world.

The OBR community will help teach you how to grow your business to benefit others by employment, charity work, or helping others.

And finally the OBR system believes in giving back to those around you, especially within your own community. So as you learn please impart your knowledge to others and join in the discussion on the OBR site.

So as you can see, maybe the answer is why would we not base it on a coral reef? Well we believe that a stable online business reef system built with the right components can build you an income generating ecosystem through which you can achieve super online success. Learn All About Coral Reefs in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Guide.



So if you are ready let us begin by defining the Online Business Reef

Coral Online Business Reef

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