The 100 Dollar Hoodie you will Never Own: Business Tale

This is a “Tale” of a great business idea. Something that takes an ordinary idea and makes it remarkable. Who would of that that someone could see a Hoodie for around $100 and it would be so popular that you just couldn’t get one. So if your interest is peaked about this 100 dollar hoodie then read on and maybe if you are lucky one day you can get one!

American Giant
American Giant

According to Business Insider, this company AMERICAN GIANT does not have a million dollar clothing advertising budget. They dont have a massive factory system overseas. And they sell these hoodies mostly by word of mouth with a $15.00 referral fee. They company founder designed great looking, stylish, and form fitting clothing with the help of two people, an influential designer and renowned engineer.

American Giant Hoodie

So the lesson to learn here is that you dont need a huge amount of startup capital, a large advertising budget, or a bloated infrastructure. You just need a great idea, a passion to share it, and a little luck.

For more about this article see the Business Insider “This Hoodie Is So Insanely Popular You Have To Wait Months To Get It” by Hayley Peterson

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