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It is a comprehensive guide to building a sustainable business income that will grow and weather any economic situation. Its puts you in control of making an income online doing what you love!
And finally it is a great framework for a product or service based business sprinkled with affiliate based income to provide you with an online business you can be proud of.


Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape


  • It starts with a website and your great idea, passion, or product you want to make an income from online. This is the start of the Online Business Reef model and we show you how we made our own automotive online business.
  • Then you grow the business by adding various income, traffic, and marketing strategies, we will show you, to help bring people to your site.
  • We then help you continue to grow by overcoming your limitations, by knowing who your competition is, and removing stumbling blocks to you success through motivation and support.
  • You will learn how to effectively execute your new business, manage its growth, and hopefully achieve the personal freedom you want.
  • We also get others involved by teaching them and showing them your success so we can support one another. We hope that you will give back to the community and spend more time with those you love.
  • Think of the GREAT BARRIER REEF, it is a protector, provider, and nurturer. A coral reef feeds and sustains millions, lets build something that is the same for you and those you care about.
  • These are not promises because no one can PROMISE TO MAKE YOU RICH OR SUCCESSFUL, that my friend is up to you. All we can give you is how we did it and let you pick and choose what you want to make work for you.

Want to know why we chose a coral reef as an online business model?


A crazy notion or scheme to promise you will get rich quickly and easily, or a high pressure business selling useless expensive products.
Any business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It is all up to you when you own your own business. The buck stops here and so on. You have to work hard, period!

  • It is not a get rich easy scheme. While you may have a great idea and get rich fast (i.e. those dot com entrepreneurs) it wont be easy you will have put in the work. And in the beginning it might seem like a lot of it.
  • It is not a program or method that will cost you thousands of dollars. In fact we started this with less than $500.00. We do not ask you to pay for this information we give it to you free.
  • It is not a simple task, you do have to do put in the time, a lot of time. But if you follow our guide, mix it with your own ideas and research,  you should achieve success in your efforts.
  • It is not for everyone or an authority on what is absolutely the right and only way. Nothing is absolute, there are many great advisers out there with great models. This one has worked for us. But we recommend you listen to anyone and everyone, find what works for you and incorporate it into what you have learned here, other places of information, and what you think is right in your own mind.
  • In the end this has to be the online business reef that you created knowing we are only acting as your guide. After all you are your own best resource.

If you have your great idea, whether its a passion, or hobby. Or maybe its a talent or natural gift. Or you invented something or stumbled across something unique. If you love doing something then tell the world about it, and hey, why not earn a living from it too.

This is something you can do part time while you are working at another job until you build enough income to quit. Or with a partner or spouse. If you want to go for it, you can, with some hard work and a dream you can earn an online income in the time you have. The online business reef can help.

Super Awesome Traits Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Have

This is the whole idea behind the Online Business Reef, To take what you love to do, a passion of yours, and build an online business from it.

We can help, we want to help, so anything you need just feel free to ask.

Hey wait…isn’t the proof in the pudding? Do you have some examples of your work?
Why yes, my young apprentice, yes we do…



Start Here with a Passionate Shareable Idea then Make it Noteworthy

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