Twenty Something Quick and Easy Article Ideas for your Website

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Here are some easy article ideas I had on some content you could write if you have a personal branding blog.

They are just quick and easy titles and should come in handy if you have writers block. So feel free to write away. And send me a link to the article so I can enjoy your writing!

  1. So I graduated now what?
  2. Top 5 new laws that went into effect in the State this year.
  3. Distracted Driving Safety Tips.
  4. The 5 best places (can insert type here like Mexican, Chines, and more)
  5. Top 5 things to do in my neck of the woods.
  6. Great places to fish in your area.
  7. Best movies you have seen in the last month.
  8. Quick guide to those moving into your neighborhood.
  9. Who makes the best steak in your state.
  10. Review of amusement parks in the area.
  11. Who are the sports teams you like the most.
  12. How to be a good parent when your kids is on a sports team.
  13. How do you learn to speak another language.
  14. Best recipe of a great dish you know how to make.
  15. Great places to walk and bike in your area.
  16. Where are the dog parks in the area.
  17. Favorite app on your smart phone.
  18. Who is the most interesting person in your state?
  19. How to change a flat tire.
  20. How to start an extreme sport (pick the one you can teach on).

So what other easy article ideas do you have for a personal blog? Please share them with us in the comments section.

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