Quick Tech Tips to Save Time, Money, and Frustration!


Sometimes you need some quick tech tips to help you make the most of your technology.

We have put together some tips that we found useful for people who are looking to create and build an online business.

Some of the tips have links to more useful information, but these are intended to be quick and easy to use tips to make your life easier.

To quickly link your Twitter account to a Facebook page you manage go to here but you will need to login.
If your Laptop Sits on a Desk a lot Get a Laptop Cooling Pad.
Double click your I-Phone home button to get rid of programs running in the background.
Use different kinds of lighting to reduce eye fatigue.
Five Privacy Security Settings to Change on Facebook Right Now!
If you smell the electronics on your computer burning then turn it off!
Evernote is an easy program to store any information you want to remember.
Make tiny urls here to make people happier.
For Home Office people use natural light, it makes you feel great!