Winter is Upon Us: 5 Cold Weather Startup Business Ideas

So the other day it snowed in my city. I mean enough to stick on the ground and make it no fun to drive in. So I did a little thinking about seasonal online business ideas and come up with a few especially for winter. Well we like to focus here on the online business side and will give you a good list of ideas of which you can setup a keyword niche website, a referral business, or a local portal for those in your area.

The emphasis here is to focus on getting ready for winter. A website or online business touting products that are needed for getting your home, car, and life ready for the cold winter months. So here are some ideas you can use.

So here are 5 Cold Weather Start-up Business ideas…

1. First on the list is that people need to get their cars ready for winter. There are quite a few things that people need to do to make sure their cars run well and safely in the winter.

  • Winter tires are a big seller. They help you get safely to and from your destination. They can only be used in winter and have special metal studs in them.
  • Wiper blades are a must change item, and you will really notice the difference with or without them. Buying wiper blades is a tough deal because you have to go into a store, wade through a book or computer pad to find the right blades and then hopefully choose the right ones. A site to make this simpler would probably do well.
  • Engine maintenance is a must, oil change, coolant check, and filter changes will make sure you dont get stuck in winter. Make sure you get the heater checked.
  • Vehicle paint protectors, wheel and rim covers, and also waxes to protect your vehicle from salt and other contaminants.
  • Finally you could have a site that goes over winter vehicle tips such as dont keep your gas tank near empty, keep blankets in the car as well as other emergency supplies, and what to do if you get stuck in the snow.

2. Second on our list is that people need to get their home ready for the winter months. There are some imperative things you should make sure you prepare your home for.

  • Get your heaters checked out, or have a site that refers places that can do that for you. Also if you have a fireplace have that checked, get all flutes, chimneys and other pipes checked. Also you can have a filter site that recommends and gives a place to purchase them.
  • Other ways you can help is with recommending programmable thermostats, energy saving devices like 3m film over windows, and other ways to cut heating bills.
  • Get ready for the snow making sure that a snow blower is tuned, you have a extra gas, snow shovels, and de-icer. A site that gives tips on small engines and how to care for them may be a good idea.
  • Finally a site that has energy saving tips, or ways to be safe like FamilySafetyTips that gives tips on safety.

3. The third thing on the list is getting the family ready for the colder months. The most notorious is the cold weather, the numerous holidays, and the shorter days.

  • Get the clothes you need, winter coats, snow shoes, umbrellas, and warm underclothes. All these things could be purchased on sale in the summer or end of winter and a site or place that had a place for good deals would be easy to setup.
  • Prepare for travel, or family coming over for the holiday, and parties. A good holiday tips and tricks website might work here.
  • Last you want to make sure you are prepared for the shorter days, with all the lights outside changed and in good working order, and that you are prepared for darker days. Daylight savings time is always a fun factor and other fun weather anomalies that could be a topic for a niche site.

4. The fourth is the medical side of the winter months. You know the cold and flu season, the numerous sicks days, dry weather, ice dangers, and other things that can harm yourself or your family. While this may be hard to do a site about because of the expertise needed to diagnose and give advice on illness you still could give references to places that have this credibility.

  • Make sure you are prepared with your family getting sick and you are stocked up with sick days in case you need to stay home, flu shots, and the medication you may need.
  • Ways to stay safe around ice, snow, and extreme weather. There are many fatalities due to slipping and falling on ice so prevention talk or safety tips might make a good site.
  • There is a lot of money and information in the home remedy area and you could make a great living with a site or business going over some of these things.

5. The fifth and final thing is that you have to take care of yourself. All of the things above will not work if you are run down, depressed, or to busy to keep your mind, body, and spirit in a state of well being.

  • You can build a great website on taking care of yourself in the winter months. Some of the things for well being include how to deal with depression, lack of sunshine, and being to hurried.
  • Things you can do to be healthier. The holiday season is a perfect time to overeat, so much so we have a single day where we can make a new resolution to get rid of those pounds. The diet and weight loss industry is huge and money can always be made in it.
  • The spirit needs to be nourished during the winter months. Its darker, gloomy, and sometimes discouraging. You need to find ways to build your spirit and warm your soul. Service, helping others, and giving are all ways to help you feel better.

While these things are very general they are intended to make you think and provide a spark for you to come up with your own idea. Take some time and look over these ideas and take what resonates with you and develop it some more. The best idea for your own online business has to come from a burning spark in your own heart. From there that passion will grow and you will find yourself doing something you love and the effort is pure joy and not work.

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