Why Can’t I Always Get What I Want eBay? A Cross Promotion Tale

So today I wanted to do some unique things with my eBay account which included doing some cross promotions on products post sale. I wanted the buyer to be able to purchase specific items at a reduced price to include with their item they just purchased. Shipping would already be paid for and they would be easy add on sales for me.

eBay Amazon FE Photo

So I searched for a solution, looked for applications within eBay, solutions outside of the auction site and the internet for anyone who had this same idea. I mean come on I cant be the only one that wants to give a buyer the option to add some additional items to their purchase at a reduced price and included in their shipment at no additional freight costs.

But apparently I am or the idea is not good enough. Because I could not find anything. I mean both eBay and the applications within there have programs and solutions to cross promote products. But none that restrict the products to being added to the cart only for buyers of that product. You see I dont want anyone to be able to purchase the product.

So either I have to create an application within eBay, try and come up with a better solution or just do a lame workaround. I am hoping that someone out there in the big world of cyberspace can come up with a solution and let me know. Comments anyone?

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