Do Successful People Watch Television NO They Cut the Cable

So the big question of this article is, do successful people watch television. In a word “No”, or at least not all the time. They use it as a reward or when they really want to watch something specific. But they understand that it can be a gigantic waste of time. So here are the top quotes of why we should turn off the TV and answers the question “do successful people watch television”. And in the end of this article is a quick tutorial on how we can cut the TV out of our lives.

If You Watch TV It May be the Reason You Are Not Successful

Successful people have little time for television. This is my personal pet peeve: I believe television steals life. I tell my audiences in my seminars that a good life begins with turning off the television. In fact, I tell them, the only worthwhile knob on the television is the off button. I know people who turn the television on when they wake up in the morning and leave it on until they go to sleep at night. They don’t read, don’t exercise, and don’t achieve. In fact, I have yet to meet a person whose life has been improved because of television. Sure, there are good programs now and then, but television should be the last thing, never the first, in your day. Watch it only when you have already achieved your goals for the day.Ask Mr Lazy
Don’t watch TV. Although this may seem like common sense, most people prefer to waste away their day watching Netflix than solving problems. 67% of rich people watch less than an hour of television a day. Guess how many poor people do that? Only 6%. So although television isn’t necessarily bad for you, you should limit to just one hour a day. Seems reasonable. Moral: Turn the TV off.Sharepowered
Successful people read everyday; Unsuccessful people watch television everyday It’s no secret that reading makes you smarter and expands your mind. Whereas television tends to dull our minds and stop the thoughts and ideas from flowing. It puts our brains to sleep. Successful people make it a habit to minimize the TV time and make time for reading everyday. They don’t like wasting time, and TV is a pretty big waste of time if you abuse the power.Main Street Mix

From Dr. Laura to just do a search on the subject and you will see how the subject is defined as to why you should limit television viewing if you want to be more successful. I dont think it is just a matter of wasted time but also it deters you from doing those things that can help you succeed. For instance reading a book, or another important task you can do in place of vegging on the couch. So how do you cut the cord? What if you love sports, movies, or just are plain addicted to relaxing in front of the TV?

I experienced all of those and it was quite hard to give the “Tele” up. But in the end what I did was just went cold turkey. First, I looked over my cable bill and realized I was paying over $100.00 just for TV so I took my box back and told them to just give me internet service. I had enough left over to upgrade to the fastest internet and still save a pile of money each month.

I didn’t want to be without television because there are a few things that I watch and I also wanted it for emergency purposes. So I did some research on HD antennas. I found two that were highly rated the Mohu Leaf 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna and the Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna both are great antennas and a toss up of which one to choose. I ended up getting the Winegard model and installed it and had High Definition channels on my TV within a few minutes.

So I basically watch TV only when something important is on. I have Netflix for movies and TV series I can catch up on all at one time. I use TV as a reward and watch less than an hour a day. And more than that I saved over $80.00 a month in cable bills and have a lot more time to do more productive things. So if you want to do what I did you can look at the quick video below on how easy it is to setup an HD antenna and you too can get more productive!

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