3 Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs, the ABC’s of Online Business Success

In business and in life we navigate by the many decisions that face us like oncoming headlights. Each business decision can seemingly bring on a bunch more until you feel like all you do each day is put out decision “fires”. It can wear on you.

But before any of that, we have to start a business, and that is where a lot of people run into a road block. It is hard to finally make the decision to go into business for yourself. There are so many factors, a lot of risks, and a ton of pressure and work.

And finally you are the boss, so everything stops and starts with you. You are the face of the company, what people know of you and see of you, well is YOU! So you always have to be “ON” and ready to perform. With this in mind it is a wonder how any of us make the giant leap of faith into going it all alone in the business world. Well it helps to have these three traits.

3 Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs

A – Attitude
B – Belief
C – Commitment


ATTITUDE – sometimes you need a little attitude to make a new business work. Call it confidence, belief in yourself, or the ability to inspire from within. Each day you need to come to work and bring a positive attitude. Things will get hard, things wont always go right, and sometimes you will have serious problems. Your attitude will go a long way in how you react and deal with what is going on in your business.

Those with a positive attitude usually fare better than those with a more negative outlook. Being optimistic in business will help you build a culture of idea generation that will help your business survive. Also someone who has a confident attitude will draw others to them, they may succeed in other parts of the business that more negative person may not. And finally those with confident attitudes seem to be able to do more because they simply know they can.


BELIEF – those who believe they can do something usually can do it. Now there is a caveat there, you actually have to have the skill or be able to develop the skill to be able to accomplish that which you desire. If you want to be able to run at 60mph and you have the belief that you can do it, well it just wont happen because man had not developed those skills. But if you are starting a new business you have to believe you will succeed.

An attitude of belief will help you achieve your goals. If you dont have faith or dont believe in yourself you are probably going to fail. Because your beliefs shape your attitudes, your attitudes fuel your desires, and your desire solidify your commitment.

Sometimes we see so many people who go into business for themselves, even it is for an MLM or other independent sales position for a product company and immediately believe that they cant sell, or cant talk to people, or cant make a business work. And immediately they have set themselves up for failure. While in truth we maybe cannot do anything we set our minds to, we definitely cannot do things we dont set our minds to. If we believe we are a failure then we probably will fail. If we believe we will succeed we raise the odds of our success. Then with a positive attitude, hard work, and commitment we can make our dreams come true.

David Kimmerle-Hollywood Fitness Model

COMMITMENT –  it takes a lot of commitment to physically change your body to look like that and be a fitness model. Diet, exercise, and constant monitoring will get you that look. But in business it also takes that kind of commitment to start and run a company successfully. Full time and always on commitment is hard because it all has to come from within you. It is easy to generate commitment when you work for someone else because there is a threat of losing your job. But for some reason those entrepreneurs who are not successful can seem to manage inner commitment when working for themselves.

It is to easy if you work for yourself to take extra time off. To put off projects or other things that need to be done in order to do things you want to do. And if you work from home, then forget about it. It is so easy to be distracted into doing things that can distract you from work, and then things just spiral out of control from there. Day in and day out commitment is hard to muster, but those who do it find themselves more productive and have a more successful business.

Commitment is something that is easier to get for some over attitude and belief. Because you can get commitment through hard work, and lots of it. Working hard in your business shows you are committed to its success.

CONCLUSION – in the end these are 3 Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs, and if you possess them you can be assured your business will have a better chance to succeed. Remember have a positive attitude and you will feel happier. Believe in what you are doing and you will feel accomplished. And finally be committed to what you are doing and you will be fulfilled.


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