Need to ReFocus or Want to Get Smarter then Read On…

Well according to Fox News a study shows pictures of cute animals help narrow our focus, whether this is true or not remains to be seen or maybe viewed. But some things I do know is that having an animal especially a dog may help reduce stress. And I believe it has been studied and shown that petting a dog can help reduce your blood pressure. So if you want a way to refocus or want to get smarter then you should read on.

So with all of these studies and fun things you would think I would say its all hokum. Well I dont know if it is. You see I own a dog and I do know when I pet him I am more relaxed. And when they do something cute I pay attention and I am more engaged. So when I read about this story I was intrigued.

So the video report from the news channel said that studies have shown that looking at images of cute animals made you smarter and that some major Universities have used puppies during tests to test if students could refocus and do better on exams. Then the video turned into an advertisement and placement of rescued animals. But the premise sounded plausible.

So whether its true or just plain nonsense only you can decide. But I noticed when I looked at a few cute animals after my focus waned that I was able to regroup and work on the task at hand with a renewed vigor. I couldn’t say for sure whether it was about seeing cute animals or that I was taking a break and allowing my brain a little time to reset.

Cute Puppy in Shoes

So take a moment and look at some cute animals and see if your IQ goes up or your focus is narrowed to the task at hand. In any event it cannot hurt to see some cute animals could it?

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