Add Email Signup Hook in Social Media to your New Website

One thing you want to do is make sure you get in touch with your audience. There are a couple of ways you can do this, one is to have an email signup page and the other is to hook into social media. I dont want you to think you should choose, the best thing you can do is to do both things.

The First Thing is to Add an Email Signup

One important thing you want to make sure of is that you have a place that people can sign up for your newsletter or for some other thing you are going to give to them for their email address. This is easily done for free with a WordPress plugin or widget. You can then place the signup form on your website either in the sidebar or on a separate page.

You may want to advertise something you will give as a gift for them signing up for free. This is usually an E-Book or another type of electronic media item, a free gift, or a promise of great specific content for signing up.

  • Setup a widget either on your sidebar, footer, or header. Make sure it is prominent and allows people to easily sign up to receive your newsletter. Use a service that has a double opt in verification process.
  • Setup a separate website page that users can go to in order to sign up for your newsletter. This may be a good option if you are giving away multiple items or have a larger sign up form.


[yks-mailchimp-list id=”a033215837″ submit_text=”Submit”]


The Second Thing is to Hook Social Media in to Allow Sharing

Now before we added in some plugins that allows people to share your site with others across almost all social media platforms. And in most cases templates have ways for people to follow, like, or add you to their circle and if the template does not then you can add that in easily with a plugin. But getting more people to add your site to their social media profiles is one way to increase your Google likeability.

  • Twitter Feeds can easily be added to your website with a list of recent tweets and number of followers. There are lots of plugins that can do this within WordPress and integrate into your site. Be careful you choose a highly rated plugin. Some plugins will allow you to post tweets right from your website. If your site is on a secured server these types of plugins may be harder to integrate.
  • Facebook can also be integrated within your website with a WordPress plugin. It will show how many likes your page has and recent posts. It can also show photos of your most recent like profiles photos.
  • Google+ will soon follow with better integration into WordPress but to date I have not found a good plugin, but you can do a quick search to find a new and highly rated plugin.
  • Pinterest is easily integrated into your site with a widget builder right on the Pinterest site. These allow you to put entire boards right on to your site building media rich pages.
  • Other social media sites can also hook in if you use those including LinkedIn and Instagram. So if you are looking to put those onto your site then you can easily search for a plugin to do that.

So at this time in the process you should have your basic website up with navigation, up to 10 posts, newsletter sign up, permanent web pages, and an email sign up page and social media hook ins all finished.

Now move onto a quick once over and review of your site to make sure that everything is in order, your site reads well, looks good, and navigates as it should.

We also want to take some time to make sure there are no broken links, all the pages are setup correctly, and that the site is optimized.

During this time we will be focusing on refining not creation. We will only do this for a month, no more, but certainly less if you can manage it. And in the end we will concentrate on optimization of the site to make sure it loads fast.

So go onto the next lesson, why you should spend some time to go over your site with a fine eye for usability.

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