Start with a Passionate Shareable Idea then Make it Noteworthy

This is probably one of the hardest part of this whole process, the start. Generating an idea can be hard but we all have passions to help us find that awesome idea, and putting the Online Business Reef together is predicated on you generating an idea from your passions. Start with a Passionate Shareable Idea then Make it Noteworthy!

So now that you are ready to commit lets see if you have a great idea to start an Online Business Reef with. There are just a few questions you need to ask yourself to see if your idea is worth your time and effort in pursuing it further.

First is this idea a passion of your heart?

First is this idea a passion of yours? I like the thought of exercising and being physically fit. At one time I even got bulked up and fairly ripped, please note I am using fitness terms. But it wasn’t a passion of mine and soon like other things in my life that I was not passionate about I slowly lost interest.

Then it almost became a distant thought, and then I lost the idea all together. If I had continued in a business with this idea or something along the lines of physical fitness I would have probably quit after a few months. Here is where you have to be real honest with yourself and what you like to do.

So is your idea something you are passionate about. I love sharks I am passionate about them so I would have no problem doing an Online Business Reef about sharks. Here are some ideas you to help get you started thinking about what passions you can make into an online business:

    • You are an avid fly-fisher and you have a knack for fast flowing river and stream fishing.
    • A creative scrap-booker who everyone comes to for ideas and help to improve their work.
    • A home preschool which offers unique curriculum and teaching methods.
    • An automotive car restoration expert with tips and tricks on how to restore unique vehicles.
    • Person who loves to play an instrument and has a desire and knack to teach others.
    • and the list is endless and depends on what you have a passion to do, teach to others, or share.

Is your ideal or passion scalable to the masses? It is hard if you have a true passion to sell tiny wetsuit sleeves for the cold arms of baby starfish. While this may be a huge passion to you it is not scalable to sell or offer to the masses. In other words there are probably not a lot of cold arm baby starfish, with caring owners, who will want to buy your product or visit your site.


Its OK if you dont have a huge audience but you do want a sizable audience or at least the ability to create a larger audience. This is what it means to make sure your idea is scalable to the masses.

If you have no where to go, or the traffic relative to your business idea is small it will be real difficult to make an income. Now once you pass these two requirements it is now time to see if you can pass the final question.

So you have your idea, it is passionate, scalable and AWESOME in every way and detail to you. Congratulations! That wasn’t so hard now was it? Now ask yourself this last question in order to prepare to make your idea work even better on the Online Business Reef model.

Can I make my idea noteworthy and shareable? In other words will people take note of my idea and share it with others?

So how do I make my idea shareable or noteworthy? Here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing…

  • instead of just showing yourself fly fishing what if you did it in pink waders and a purple umbrella hat
  • to showcase your scrap-booking prowess you create a gigantic scrapbook to show off your work
  • maybe you have the kids act as the teachers playfully teaching the curriculum to adults
  • you use a gold plated wrench (spray painted) to demonstrate how all your projects turn to gold
  • play the instrument in outrageous places like a mountain top, middle of a lake, or going through a car wash
  • it doesn’t matter what you do just make it noteworthy or remarkable, and if something doesn’t work try another way

This step is not super critical as we have built many sites with out this key component and made a fair amount of income from them. But it does help to have an extra something that sets you apart and makes your idea noteworthy.

a noteworthy duck

This will make your marketing efforts a lot easier and give your visitors something compelling to share with their friends. So take a little bit of time to separate yourself from the rest of the online pack. This extra time will be time well spent.

Below are some examples of remarkable ideas that started with just a thought and soon became noteworthy and shareable.

The Piano Guys – music creators that inspire and uplift
FPS Russia – a YouTube channel featuring firearms and explosives
The Pencil Project – giving education a change one pencil at a time
WillitBlend – Blendtechs great viral series about the durability of its blender
Mow Boy – from 8 years old mowing lawns to a large employer and multiple locations for lawn care


So you have your idea and now you are ready to go onto the next step.

STEP 1 – Preparing the Online Business Reef

STEP 2 – Setting up the Online Business Reef

STEP 3 – Designing Your Online Business Website

STEP 4 – How To Market Your New Online Business

STEP 5 – Making An Income From Your Online Business

Sometimes you need some better advice from the experts in the field. If you want to progress in the world of online business you should get advice from every entrepreneur you can find and use what works best for you.

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