The Ugly Truth About Most Online Business Websites

So there is a common theme I am seeing with online business websites these days. There seems to be a manifesto of transparency but not a mantra of truth. Everything seems like it is quick, easy, and takes not time behind the scenes. But things may not always be the same behind the curtain.

So what is the ugly truth that we are talking about…

Starting an online business can be a dream come true, being your own boss, MAKING LOTS OF MONEY, setting your own hours, and calling the shots. But most everyone who promises this CANNOT DELIVER IT, they are selling a system to set themselves up with those things above. The ugly truth is that is hard work and long start up hours. All of the success and failure is up to YOU! GChanMako

There are GREAT websites out there that can help you start your online business. With lots of good information and tutorials. And you should learn from all of them but the majority out there want to do only one thing, to sell you a system to make themselves richer.

For every internet billionaire who got rich quick you may see millions who have failed just as quickly. Because people dont see the sacrifice, long hours, and agony it took to become that success.

A lot of us would say “hey I would trade all that for a billion dollars”, but that’s not how it works, you have to do all of those things first and with a little luck you may be successful. But an online business is a real business and should be treated as such, and with any business comes risk and possibly great REWARD. So when searching to start an online business be wary of the promises that are made.

Watch out for the following promises:

  • SOMEONE WHO PROMISES YOU TO GET RICH QUICK: if some one is vague on how their system works or is short on details you should avoid it. Before you pay for any turn-key business system you should ask a few questions to get specific details on the business. Be especially wary if someone says you dont need to understand this because who can understand all the internet has to offer, or dont worry about it or support staff will take care of setting up everything for you so you dont need to know anything.
  • THOSE WHO PUT THE PRESSURE ON: I understand call to action and putting buyers on the spot to get them to buy, but what I dont understand is high pressure tactics to get you to buy something. It could be a scam if a business is asking you to make a decision quickly to avoid researching them. Any great offer will be there the next day allowing you to do the research.
  • HUGE INCOME CLAIMS: if someone makes an income claim they should provide number and percentage of previous purchasers who earned that much and failure to provide that may be against the law.
  • GET TO KNOW THE COMPANY: do your research on the offer and the company, if it is a landing page make sure they have clear information on the owner. You can research information easily on the internet, consumer reports, BBB, and ask the company for past clients or customers to interview
  • THEY OFFER MY MONEY BACK: well yes that may be true, any company can offer you a money back guarantee. In fact the more generous it is the more you should do your research. Because once they have your money it doesn’t matter how liberal their guarantee was it is even more easy for them not to give it back. In fact they count on you feeling comfortable with their policy so you will buy it with little questions asked.

In the end we just want you to be prepared and not fooled into making a bad decision. We love for people to be successful in the online business world. And to do that you need to be outfitted with all the tools necessary to make the best decision. And if you are successful you will help build the reputation that people can make an income on the internet. But if you are taken by a scam artist then you may not help build the industry that I love. So please learn all you can from those who truly want you to succeed and avoid those who are just out to get your money.

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