Make an Online Business from Vintage or Used Clothes

In my neighborhood there are several stores that allow you to bring in used clothes and get cash from them. There is also a store that specializes in baby clothing and items that are also gently used. The amount of cash you get is dependent upon the brand of the item, the condition, and the sell-ability in the current market. But most people get quite a bit of money in which (most but not all) they turn around and spend it again at the same store on other gently used clothes.

OBR Idea: Make an Online Business from Vintage or Used Clothes

What an awesome retail business model, you can buy clothes from them at a discount and you already have a captive, in the moment, audience right there to sell clothes you have marked up. These stores even offer more money on an in-store credit over giving the customer just straight cash. These stores seem to do well as many have been in business for quite a while.

It Was Only a Matter of Time when this Model Went Online

There are now sites that got smart and made an online business from vintage or used clothes and brought this whole model online. The concept is the same, almost like the cash for gold model, you simply bag up your used clothes and send them off. The company will usually send you a bag and pay for the shipping. Then they send you an offer to buy your clothes and you can accept it or not. If you dont like the offer, well you can have everything shipped back for a low fee.

These sites are looking for good brands and gently used. So there are some restrictions like no clothes older than five years and no discount store brands. They are banking on the model that people are not willing to list items on eBay or Amazon and have to deal with buyers, returns, and collecting money. If you have a good eye for buying you can earn a great second income finding good brands from garage sales, clearance bins, and from friends and family.

For those of you who are braver and are a super fashion star you can build a business online by listing these items on eBay and Amazon, also Etsy and other clothes assisted site selling venues. Focus on quality listings with accurate descriptions and great photos. Charge a premium for these types of listings, offer overnight shipping, and a great return policy. By focusing on quality, a unique customer experience, and good service you can make a name for yourself in the selling of vintage clothes.


Jeans OBR Sales

Selling of denim jeans is a good practice because they last longer than other clothing items, look good distressed, and have many valuable brand names that can fetch a fair price.

Shoes for Sale

Shoes for both men and women are good sellers. Women’s shoes is a competitive market but if you have a good eye then you can do well. Look for best selling shoes, ones that are sometimes out of stock, and have a vintage style.

Baby clothes can be sold

There is a good market for baby clothes because most are out grown before they are worn out. In fact there a lot of clothes that have been hardly worn. Most people dont see a need to spend a lot of money on new clothes that will only be worn for a short time.


For those of you who love clothes, fashion, or have an eye for a bargain then this type of business may be for you. I would encourage you to build a good stock of used items if you are selling these items yourself. There are clothes everywhere and most people wouldn’t mind if you came and relieved themselves of the trouble of giving them away. So if you are “the go to fashion expert” then why not make some money from your gift.

Look on Amazon for some ideas on how to sell used jeans and what brand names are the most valuable, sell the best, and the prices that they are selling for.

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