Are you Stealing Content to Get More Traffic?

Are You Stealing Traffic…

Traffic needs to come from somewhere so if you are not generating your own out of thin air then you are “stealing” it from someone else.

Well stealing maybe a harsh word. But the truth is the traffic you are getting is traffic that your competition is not. But luckily I subscribe to the theory that there is enough to go around for everyone. If we all help each other then all of us can benefit. So with that in mind I want to test a common and current traffic generating technique and determine if it works or not.

They say an increase in posting can lead to an increase in traffic. The more posts, the more traffic. I have heard estimates of up to 100,000 hits per month in less then 4 years posting 2x a week and up to 100,000 hits per month in less than 2 years posting 5-6x per week.

It is said that this figure should be scalable. In other words the more you post, i.e. per week, the faster and more you should see your traffic increase. So this is the experiment we will run on generating traffic to our website. So we ask ourselves… Does more Content Equal More Traffic? Are you stealing content to get more traffic?

These are our current metrics as measured by Google Analytics for the Month of July 2014:

July 2014 GA for the OBR

We will try and  disprove the “NULL Hypothesis” stating that by “Posting 6x per week will not produce a significant increase in new website traffic”. We will measure the traffic statistics for 6 months and post the results below. We will concentrate our efforts in the following areas.

  • We will post a minimum of 5-6 new articles per week.
  • Each article will be blasted out on social media, either Facebook or Twitter.
  • We will use videos on YouTube as a way to increase our contents focus on graphic elements.
  • We will incorporate more infographics.

So as of August 1st, 2014 our experiment has begun. The statistics will be posted below along with an experiment conclusion.

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